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Great Wealth Strategies
Great Wealth Strategies, LLC is a resource that looks to understand where and how wealth is created by following the personal decisions of Erik Henyon. Here we look at what works, and what doesn't work for my situation and can provide access to the individuals that support my wealth goals at the highest level.


tax free income

Shine a light on the insanity in the market by exposing the
lies of your broker and the government and showing you
alternatives that are not readily disclosed.

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and rent properties in key markets. We are especially adept at helping
people re-direct investments in their retirement accounts away from bad or
weak-performing securities into high-performance, high-cash-flow real
estate, self-directed Roth IRAs, high-cash-flow real estate, bank-on-yourself
strategies, and robotic stock trading software.

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Create Your Own Bank

Learn how to never have to go to a regular bank and borrow money again. Create your own bank and Never Pay Taxes on the money you earn in your own bank.

The Next Generation Of Stock Trading Software

The ONLY fully automated stock trading platform available to the general public, to trade in the stock market and currency exchange 100% unattended and with no programming required.

How to Participate in Cash Flow Real Estate

Learn how real estate done right can provide cash for you every month. The #1 investment opportunity in America today.

Own Your Own Business

The number one way to retire rich is to own your own business. Discover the best income-producing opportunities to leverage your talents and network to become wealthy.

The Strongbrook Wealth Academy

Wealth is the only way to achieve true financial liberation. The route to financial empowerment involves four fundamentals: Creating, Managing, Protecting and Growing. The Wealth Academy is your path to achievement.

How to Generate Wealth

Learn the sercrets for generating wealth. The things we were never taught in school. Learn how and why you have been led down a dead-end road.

Unclaimed Funds

If you've received a call or a letter from us, it's because we've found funds being held by the government that may be rightfully yours.

Take Control Of Your Retirement

The Big Ugly Secret About Your Retirement – How to use the power of your existing 401 (k) or IRA to earn a massive ROI.

Pursue a Gold Savings Plan

Most people can not afford to buy gold bars and coins. Here is a way to get GOLD in everyone's hands

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