Low-wage fast food workers unite to strike

A movement is spreading across the United States against fast food employers that pay wages far below any reasonable living standards. According to multiple news sources, at least 50 cities in the nation are reportedly seeing strikes outside popular restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC.

NASDAQ glitch shows dark side of modern trading

A cascading problem involving stock price listings crippled the NASDAQ on August 22, driving down trading activity for over two hours and raising fresh questions over the dependability of automated systems in the 21st century stock market. According to various news sources, NASDAQ officials are still looking into a problem that some believe began with a single piece of software.

Government shutdown, national debt default looms in Obamacare debate

The risk of a government shutdown is obviously bad for business, but according to some House Republicans, this action is the only way to stop the Obama administration from fully implementing Obamacare. To accomplish this feat, several lawmakers are proposing that the GOP either holds the debt ceiling or a government funding bill hostage in exchange for a full repeal.

German newspaper reveals secret Greek bailout prediction

Greece could be headed for yet another multi-billion dollar bailout, according to secret documents uncovered by Der Spiegel, a German-language newspaper. According to Reuters, which reported on the findings this weekend, a secret panel within the Bundesbank, Germany’s central bank, concluded that a new bailout for Greece is highly likely, and could be unveiled sometime early next year.