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 It’s by invitation only so you must TEXT ME at 406-920-2808 before the 8th of October to be an affiliate. TIME Sensitive YOU MUST BE SIGNED UP AS AN AFFILIATE BY OCTOBER 10th. The door closes for affiliates then. 

The App launches on the 10th to the public

Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Pokemon Go have all made 100’s of millions of dollars.  This is the first sports app of its kind that allows revenue sharing.

Here are the numbers:

Invite 10 people to play
Average will invite (7 people) – but lets say they only do 5 people
This equals 50 people
Each  plays 100 free tokens = 5,000 tokens played
Commission: $750/month
It only gets better
Invite 10 people to play
Lets say they meet the average of 7 people – that equals 70 people playing
Each plays max free tokens (150 free tokens) = 10,500 tokens played
Commission: $1,575/month
All from 10 people!!!!
Everyone knows 10 people
Erik Henyon
Questions Call Me
406-920-2808 MST