Bitcoin and Onecoin in Huff Post

While there are a lot of new altcoins emerging, many people feel safer sticking to the established coins. However, much can be said for checking out the newer startup altcoins, as the reward can be much greater in a shorter amount of time for investing in these new startups. You should do some research before plunging into the unknown waters, but for a small investment in such coin startups, the dividends can be out of this world!

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One such company, Onecoin, not only allows trading in altcoins, but they also offer extensive training in trading of their altcoin, as well as offering several options for using the Onecoin. The main thing about this startup that makes it particularly interesting is its apparent transparency, as it says on the site; “OneCoin will set a new industry standard by being the first cryptocurrency storing KYC documents in its new blockchain. OneCoin wants to make cryptocurrency transparent, and part of our financial culture and everyday life.”

By: William Marrow – HuffingtonPost 9/14/2016

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