You Are Being Controlled By Sociopaths – See How


The reason you will feel shocked by the content of this essay is that the information you’ve been getting about great ideas that could positively change our world have been tightly controlled by people who want our world to stay the same. I’m going to tell you the truth beginning with one sentence that will haunt you from now on:


History has demonstrated that the greatest form of business is without a doubt free market capitalism…unless it’s rigged to favor any specific group or individual. It then becomes an unethical, unequal enterprise. We now live on a planet controlled by people who are not mentally or emotionally balanced. Try as hard as they may, each of them has a large fulfillment-shaped hole that simply cannot be filled with any further material excess.

What you are about to read in my essay will be very disturbing to many. At first, you may doubt these facts because you’ve never seen them presented in any mainstream media. That’s not because they are false or fringe concepts. It’s because the overwhelming majority of all global media is controlled by 7 families  who have a vested interest in manipulating all content in order to maximize the habitual consumption of their products and services. Their revenues are tied directly to the continuous growth of a handful of industries whose profits are derived from Wall Street manipulation, clinical obesity, toxic energy extraction, drug consumption, mental depression, deadly weapon proliferation, technology addiction and banking fraud.  It’s not in their financial interests to have an informed public because their continued growth is tied directly to arrested development. What I mean by that is that most  global corporations want all of us to think and act like teenage consumers until the day we die.

Here’s  a simple experiment anyone can perform. I did, and was literally shocked by what I discovered. I really don’t know why I found it so astonishing because I had  a pretty good idea of the outcome before I ever began. Still, I was shocked. Maybe it was the fact that I actually invested a full hour in the project as opposed to just noticing it everywhere I went. Please trust me…you will be utterly staggered no matter what you assumed before you began the experiment.

Sit comfortably for one hour in any public place, perhaps a shopping mall or airport.  For the first 30 minutes count the number of people who are overweight. Every time you see one, put a hash mark on a sheet of paper. Then, spend the next 30 minutes counting the number of people staring mindlessly at their handheld texting devices…those who are sitting or standing in one spot, as well as those shuffling along like zombies paying no attention to people or obstacles in front of them. That one hour will completely change your perception of reality. You will be utterly amazed that well over half of all citizens suffer from addiction to technology and / or food. And while most of us are either tweeting or eating, we are being robbed and our planet is being plundered.

This essay will be my final effort to inspire change. It’s just too much of of an emotional drain on me at my age to continue reading books by the greatest minds from business, science, and technology especially when they are all saying the same things and none of them are uplifting or positive. And what they are saying is that, as a species, we are headed for global extinction in the very near future unless we take immediate action. Trust me, a steady diet of this information, especially at age 64, is not in anyone’s best interest. But rest assured, the 100 plus most influential books I’ve drawn from for this article were written by an equal number of both conservatives and liberals from three continents.  These are NOT political issues and they never have been. I love my American roots and always will. In fact, my hero has always been Thomas Jefferson who said over 200 years ago: ” Every generation needs a new revolution. ” The problems we must address immediately are now global. We see them in the U.S., Canada, England, France, Germany and 12 other democratic nations. Sure liberals blame conservatives and conservatives blame liberals. That’s by design. As long as the 1% can keep the 99% divided equally into two opposing camps, the battle will rage on indefinitely.

Some of us blindly accepted the bailout of Wall Street after the last meltdown even though many of us have now discovered that it was the greatest theft of wealth in history. Or, was it? No way…that was just phase one. Last year the Federal Reserve handed out a trillion of our tax dollars to the six biggest banks which allowed them to pay out all-time record breaking bonuses. That money could have provided every unemployed person in the U.S. with a $50,000. per year job! Didn’t see that on the news, did you? And just in case you think I’m nuts, the program is ongoing and it’s called the QE Program or, Quantitative Easing. Look it up yourself on line. Just type in “What is Quantitative Easing “and you will begin a virtual tour through the most infuriating information I’ve ever discovered.

This essay is my philosophical attempt to persuade everyone to drop their political labels and do what is right. Now I realize that some will question my philosophical pedigree given  the fact that I’m not teaching philosophy at any academic institution and certainly hold no advanced degrees. And that’s fair. In fact, I’m just a simple old Missouri guy from the Ozark mountains and two of my high school classmates actually created and still play with The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. But to discount my philosophical writings on those grounds would be to ignore the fact that Hobbes, Descartes, Spinoza, Hume, Rousseau, Locke, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and Mill weren’t academics either. The vast majority of respected philosophers never taught at Universities nor did they sport higher degrees. Their writings were valued based on the merit of each work and all I’m asking is that you allow me to play by the same rules. I am irrevocably convinced that we all need to come together and change directions if we want our grandkids to enjoy decent lives on a healthy planet…at least that’s what over 100 of the greatest minds from business, science and technology have led me to conclude. And Because I happen to be a grandfather….I pray that you will read this entire essay.

  PART 1  

I consider this my most important writing. In fact, I would gladly sacrifice everything for the ability to get what you are reading into the hands of every person in the world.  Those of you who know me well or have read any of my books  realize that I am a pretty straight shooter.  I certainly don’t consider myself  the brightest bulb in the chandelier but shortly before the 2008 meltdown, I went online and posted an audio warning entitled “15 years left ” and many folks called me a conspiracy theorist. Six months after the meltdown some of those same people told me that I’m psychic. Trust me, I’m neither. But I do try to read a couple of non fiction best sellers every week by the very brightest men and women alive, and have done so for over three decades. I’m petty sure that my reading habits have given me a more expansive perspective than those who don’t have the time to read even one book a year. And I owe all that wonderful free reading time to network marketing.

I grew up in the 60s when most boomers were fed up with Vietnam and the pathetic inequality of women and minorities. So, we took control and used Ghandi’s plan of civil disobedience to march against the establishment. It worked, big time.

I get it that today most folks are too busy or distracted to read full length books, so I decided to condense my most important work into one short philosophical essay. This is it. Please focus on this essay and  if you agree with me, send the link to everyone on every list you’ve accumulated. Those who help me take this information viral will be invited to join a very important group of enlightened people committed to positive global change. Remember this, it only took a tiny number of sociopathic GOOFS to usher us into this era of planetary insanity and it will only take a fraction of that number to clean up the mess. It won’t be accomplished by moving to some mid-eastern desert and taking up arms with a bunch of morons who favor a return to the dark Ages. The answer is not about religion-imposed morals, it’s about building a new world in which The Law Of a Fraction is destroyed and replaced by a The Law Of Compassion.

This essay is your invitation to the Poker Table.  Finally, you’re getting into the game  and you can make a difference….a BIG one. We all love unobstructed capitalism but that was replaced long ago by a 1% Global Oligarchy. Free Enterprise and majority rule no longer exist. We can and must return immediately to legitimate democratic capitalism.

Just so you know, I am a 64 year old white male who spent his first 25 years in an upper middle class Missouri neighborhood populated by Christian Conservatives. Over the last 25 years my assets and income have propelled me into that famous 1% of all U.S. income earners, which is also mostly populated by white Christians….both democrats and republicans. I’ve never been aligned with either side or for that matter, any political party.

When I joined direct sales back in April of 1986 every friend and family member, including my own own father, told me I was an idiot. Today, each of those critics is either dead or dead broke, and  I’m alive and wealthy. Of course if you don’t mind spending your final “golden years ” in a rest home playing bingo for a toaster oven with oatmeal dribbling down your chin…..feel free to stop reading my essay right now. It may just be that you are not cognitively hard wired to be involved in Network Marketing or participate in global change and that is certainly no disgrace.

Only one hypothesis in this essay is my own original thought, so I accept no credit for most of what you are about to read. If these ideas stimulate your thinking please read two books. In fact I’ve learned much of the information in this essay by reading : THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING by Naomi Klein and DEADLY MONOPOLIES by Harriet Washington. I’m begging you……GET THOSE BOOKS and read them cover to cover. At the end I will provide you with a short bibliography of additional books from which I’ve derived the majority of my facts.

And now for my one original hypothesis….drum roll please…….Ethical Network Marketing is one of the only remaining sectors in free enterprise that offers the possibility of risk-free, accelerated wealth, and positive global change. By creating personal wealth for more people, and reclaiming majority rule for the 99% who have been pushed to the fringes of society, we can finally do capitalism right. First, we must marginalize that tiny fraction of sociopathic GOOFS in the upper 1% who are clearly driven only by shareholder profits, unsustainable growth, and selfish material accumulation. Next, we must completely rethink democracy and capitalism.

  Part 2  

Twenty eight years of experience,18 of which were spent teaching our industry at the college level with Dr. Charles King from Harvard, have given me the confidence to make one statement with certainty; MLM is the perfect vehicle at the perfect time for those who sincerely wish to climb down off the hamster wheel and join the 1% class.  Right now we are living in a psychological toxic zone carefully rolled out to keep the 99%rs in bondage. Sociopathic GOOFS learned long ago that as long as they keep all of the good little worker bees broke, dependent,  distracted and fearful, it’s easy to continue raping and plundering those collective resources that are suppose to belong to  “we the people.”

Fortunately for us, the GOOFS weren’t prepared for a global uprising of decent people with moral clarity who fully understand the insanity of failed economic policies. And everyone is especially angered by the fact that most international mega-corporations are fueled by political bribery and funded by toxic drugs, fast foods, sugar drinks, slimy financial algorithms, fossil fuel extraction, and privatized prisons. All the GOOFS were just too fat, dumb and happy to anticipate the huge impact of uncensored connective technology. And it’s too late now to stuff the genie back in the bottle. Nor were they prepared for the rapid global expansion of MLM, a business model that can put big money and free time into the hands of common people in 4 years or less!  And they certainly weren’t prepared for movements like “Transition Town. ” Media GOOFS have worked very hard to keep the Transition Town movement  out of the news and in case you’ve  been kept in the dark, go check out

There’s only one thing more threatening to these Jabba-The-Hut capitalists  than the organized communications and resistance of broke and fed up people. And that’s the organized resistance of WEALTHY and fed up people. That’s where we come in. Through global networks  that are expanding exponentially, we are no longer just tiny boatloads of Green Peace militants making small waves! Of course those brave Green Peace heroes who taught us how to flush out BIG BOAT GOOFS in the very act of destroying our oceanic fish populations, deserve our utmost respect. But now it’s time to dramatically expand the war on corruption. If your community has already formed a Transition Town group…join it. If not, start one immediately.

I believe the time is right for Network marketers to mobilize themselves into an international force of people who refuse to ever again be intimidated by GREEDY GOOFS. It’s time to strike! It’s time for the new generation to join our industry so they can create wealth rapidly, because time is of the essence. Young people need to understand something very important. Network marketing is a 4 year road to wealth not a 40 year one like traditional capitalist jobs…especially jobs created by ELITIST GOOFS. The last thing anyone needs is a salaried job. In addition to not needing their jobs, we don’t need to do business with them. We have the ability to buy all our stuff from direct sales companies who share our values. We now control the ultimate tool in democratic capitalism and its the greatest equalizer in the history of civilization! We can vote with our money. Either the GOOFS conform to our core values or we don’t buy their products or invest in their companies. Period. End of the story. And trust me, they understand our power and it petrifies them.

Those of us who have had the time and money to study and understand what’s been going on for the past 3 decades are literally dumbfounded that we educated and civilized people have allowed greed and corruption to reach this level. But the good news is that network marketing can have a sizable role in ending the greed-based, GOOF model of unlimited growth. That is, if we all refuse to allow the foxes to keep controlling the hen-house. Or to borrow their own words, we need to end their practice of ” putting lipstick on pigs.”

Many millions  of decent people have been marginalized to the sidelines where they have felt impotent to do little more than watch the 1% get richer and richer because they simply didn’t realize that they could create the time and money to fight back. It is literally obscene that the CEO of the largest oil company would even be willing to accept a salary exceeding $100,000.00 a day in a nation where 50 million people go to bed hungry every night and 45,000 die each year because they can’t afford health insurance. Government imposed income caps are preposterous in free market capitalism but what’s up with these slop hogs taking more money than they can possibly spend? And the other thing obscene is that capitalism has been so prostituted in the last two decades, that it is now a common practice for huge companies to respond to societal outrage by demanding that we increase the very activities that got them fined and humiliated in the first place!

If  little kids are murdered by a mentally deranged shooter…no problem. The gun industry tells us we just need more guns! When it’s discovered that the second leading cause of highway fatalities is cell phone usage…no problem, the automobile industry simply starts building cell phone hookups into all new models! If it is confirmed that sugar and fast foods are contributing to an epidemic of clinical obesity and type two diabetes among our children…no problem, the junk food and sugar drink industries simply sponsor the Olympic Games and run saturation ads filled with healthy, hip models consuming sugar water and lard burgers! It just goes on and on but I think you get my point. The common response of all GOOFS when they get caught with their pants down, is to first multiply the problems and if that fails to filibuster against majority rule.

My profession allows me to communicate with young people in their 20s and 30s on a daily basis and I can assure you that most are exceptionally bright. Although they’ve been saddled with horrible school loans in a shrinking economy and no real prospects of upward mobility, they are our hope for the future and I have faith in their ability to ultimately reverse the mess created by a tiny fraction of elderly, white GOOFS. Although many young people are still caught in the TAT, ( technology addiction trap), many are beginning to awaken from their collective nightmare and realize that they are probably not going to become rock stars or professional athletes in spite of all the saturation ads created by 21st century Mad Men.

As more come face to face with their actual circumstances and discover that they are pushing 30 and still living in their parents’ homes with little more to show for a quarter century of living than a smart phone and skateboard, the crap will really start to hit the fan. Many have already started to figure out that they will soon be in the majority and that they can vote. And it will be interesting indeed when they all discover that they can do serious damage to any corporation that exhibits unethical core values. It’s simple. They just spread the word to end all future patronage until certain ethics are met. Back in the 60s I thought we were all pretty smart when we grew long hair and brought down the Vietnam Hawks. But I really laughed my ass off when The Anonymous crowd spanked the biggest faux religious cult in the history of America and the rottenest dictator in the history of Egypt. When those young cyber geniuses collectively figure out that discretionary dollars are much more powerful than political votes, lobbyists and politicians will become rapidly impotent. In fact, those changes have  already begun. If you want proof, go to YouTube and watch any one hour college lecture or public speech delivered  by John Perkins ….the Economic Hit man. I’m not the only old guy with a plan.

Until this movement gains irreversible momentum over the next few years there are certain steps we can all take immediately. Read THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING by Naomi Klein and you’ll get it. But to be very specific about the insanity of our predicament, permit me to offer one example from The Bureau Of Labor Statistics ; we are currently in the 6th year of recovery since the GOOFS performed their last financial heist. For every new ” recovery dollar ” earned by the bottom 90% of all U.S. Citizens, the upper one tenth of 1% earned $1,000.00. The wealth gap hasn’t been this great since 1929. Got that? A buck for us and a grand for each GOOF!

Our first step is the orderly transfer of some of that wealth from GOOFS to decent folks through entrepreneurial networking. First and foremost, people need to fully understand that MLM is now a mainstream form of capitalism that can not be forced to the fringes by GOOFS.

Forbes Magazine put it quite eloquently in September of 2014; “MLM sounds good on paper, yet there’s a seemingly endless debate over whether these programs are legitimate business opportunities or not. This may sound like a bold statement, but MLM as an industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America’s current savings crisis.”

You read that right…….FORBES MAGAZINE ! Is that publication conservative enough for you?

My only objective is to help you immigrate into the 1% class so that, together, we can change things in time to avert a return to the stone ages. And don’t think for one moment that we aren’t headed in that direction. We are.

I’m going to draw an example from an actual event that occurred in our lifetimes then make you a deal. If you disagree with any part of my historical recollection, don’t buy the books I recommended. But if you agree with all of these facts, and share my perceptions, go buy the books I named, or at least share this essay with everyone you know.

  Part 3  

I’ve selected a factual narrative based on the tobacco industry. But keep in mind, I could have just as easily pulled examples from Wall Street, Fast Foods, Big Pharma, Social Media, Fossil Fuel, and Wireless Technology. Tobacco is a perfect example because it’s the only industry so far that has demonstrated collective GOOF  behavior on national television. When half a dozen guys stood in front of Congress in a televised hearing with their left hands on bibles and swore to Almighty God that tobacco is not addictive, they became the poster boys of GOOF. In fact, they became enshrined forever as the KINGS OF GOOF! I also selected the tobacco industry because it will offend the least number of consumers. Here’s how the 1% rs roll. This is right out of the GOOF PLAYBOOK and it’s their accepted means of conducting business.

1.) Create a product that stimulates the brain’s reward Center thereby reinforcing addictive consumption by the masses.( tobacco, Facebook, iPads, narcotics, vodka, coffee, Wikipedia, video games, triple bacon cheeseburgers, etc. )

2.) Create a labor force of illiterate workers, by any means necessary including slavery to do the torturous, mindless work of harvesting ingredients and building products.

3.) Use all media, 90% of which is now owned by only seven GOOFS, to create an advertising strategy that features experts and celebrities who are compensated to memorize and spread artificial information.

4.) Capture as much market share in the US as possible until rational people
figure out that they have been seduced into mindlessly consuming a product or service that is essentially worthless and/or harmful.

5.) Outsource product manufacturing to those 3rd world developing countries which have the largest population of illiterate and desperate laborers, lax environmental regulations, minimal taxes and no government oversight of sweatshops or child slavery.

6.) Retain the best PR firms to defend, rationalize and justify your company’s activities and the best law firms to keep all fines to a minimum each time your company is found guilty of illegal activities.

7.) Form strategic alliances with other GOOFS in order to fund think tanks with two objectives (a) to churn out bogus data which supports all company activities no matter how abhorrent,  (b) to destroy the careers of expert whistle blowers who challenge your positions with real science and factual evidence.

8.) Retain the best lobbyists in Washington to legally bribe law makers to vote on your behalf should any proposed legislation arise that could negatively impact company profits.

9.) Should clear evidence suggest that over half of all American citizens favor a law to protect against any of your countless abhorrent activities or products, make certain that the those same bribed lawmakers are prepared to initiate every political stall tactic available to prevent that law from ever coming to a vote.

10.) Should all other measures fail, as a last resort, all GOOFS must agree to sacrifice their own reputations and the dignity of their entire families by swearing to God in front of the whole world on national television that they believe an obvious lie.

If you’ve stayed with me this far, you are exactly the kind of person I was hoping to reach and now I have some great news. The vast majority of 1%rs are not  pathological swindlers. Only a tiny fraction of all 1%rs are card carrying, narcissistic GOOFS. And because that number is so small, negating their impact will be a relatively easy process. But before I get real specific about a strategy,  let’s put two nasty lies to rest……these guys are neither Christians nor Patriots. The young guy who founded Christianity, Jesus, preached love, forgiveness and care for the downtrodden…..not blatant discrimination and personal selfishness. And the patriots, those loyal early settlers who founded America, facing scarcities of food and clothing, pooled their precious supplies and apportioned them out to everyone on an equal basis. So don’t fall for those who hypocritically align themselves with philosophies they refuse to practice. GOOFS are neither Christians nor patriots.

  Part 4  

Now let’s crunch some simple numbers and consider some legitimate solutions via network marketing. I would never propose anything as delusional as the notion that MLM can single handedly save everyone from financial ruin or, by itself turn our planet around. But network marketers can lead the initiative to begin both. First of all, every independent distributor who has a small downline organization of 100 people selling and/or consuming a mere $1,000. a month of legitimate products or services and being paid the industry average of 5%, will earn exactly $ 60,000.00 a year. According to every reputable tracking organization there are 57.5 million Americans ( born in the USA) between the ages of 16 and 65 who are currently not working. If just 1% were to join an MLM company, our industry would provide employment and an opportunity for 575,000 people to earn $60,000.00 a year by building small organizations that move a small number of products. And that’s just small groups of people purchasing our products at discount prices and selling them to each other.  That example totally ignores the fact that we could actually put all fifty seven and a half million people to work, without any government handouts! And just in case you fear the possibility that the GOOFS might try to shut down MLM, don’t worry, they’re stupid but not quite that stupid. If they shut down our industry they add another 30 million people to the unemployed rolls and that just leaves too few people with the discretionary income to purchase the crap those GOOFS are hawking.  They’re actually better off if we put a few million people to work!

And that is just the very tip of the iceberg. Think of the revenue that those half million MLMers will pump right into their own local economies. They won’t secret their cash into offshore tax havens like so many of the GOOFS who have slithered to the top of traditional corporations and politics. And think of the environmental benefits of people who can work from home and need not burn fossil fuels to get to work by car or mass transit. And how about the family benefit of having mom and/or dad at home, never missing out on their kids’ formative years…never missing recitals or soccer games. And think about this. What if each distributor formed a partnership with one distributor in another MLM company that marketed completely different products or services and agreed to sell to each other instead of wasting time and money going to big-box stores to purchase merchandise from foreign slave factories. The upside potential goes on and on.

  Part 5  

We live in the perfect storm for network marketing. Everybody knows that we have to do things differently or we’re  hooped and everyone fully realizes that GOOFS have been in charge for far too long.

We have watched our best companies get plundered, our best jobs sent abroad, our tax dollars that could have repaired our crumbling infrastructures and built schools and hospitals squandered on Bank bailouts. Our children are hooked on ADD drugs while our teachers and law enforcement professionals are paid a fraction of their worth. And equally pathetic, we have allowed the GOOFS to perpetuate the myth that our profession is just a  pyramid scheme thereby demonizing one of the best remaining models of capitalism all because they just haven’t been able  figure out how to skim profits from privately held Direct Sales Companies.

Let’s just put this whole pyramid nonsense to bed once and for all. There’s  a reason why pyramids have always appeared on the back of U.S. dollar bills.

Every business is a pyramid….but God help us when GOOFS gain control of them!

Back in 2010 when the famous Wall Street ” Flash Crash “occurred and wiped out nearly a trillion dollars in assets in less than half an hour, I smelled a rat…A BIG RAT. So, I decided to investigate. What I discovered, literally amazed me. It turns out that over 80% of all transactions on the U.S. Stock market are now based on high frequency trade algorithms created by GOOFS for GOOFS. You’ll never get your hands on that software….you can’t afford it.

Talk about a pyramid scam! Those high-speed, high-frequency  trading algorithms allow financial sector predators at the top of the Wall Street Pyramid to buy and sell stocks in microseconds.  Remember the title of this essay….THE LAW OF A FRACTION. When it comes to the Stock Market Pyramid, a teeny, tiny number of GOOFS win……and you and I lose. It’s not illegal, it’s just another way for people at the very top to rape and plunder the assets of people foolish enough to invest in Blue Chip stocks.  Folks, read the next sentence very carefully ; THE GAME IS RIGGED AND GOOFS ARE CONVERTING EVERY BUSINESS INTO PYRAMID SCAMS. Usually by the time average people figure out that half their retirement assets are down the crapper, THE GOOFS already have those middle class pension dollars deposited in offshore accounts. If you think I’m nuts, read the brilliant new book: VIRTUAL UNREALITY by Charles Seife.

And while we’re on the subject, lasses-faire literally means ” let us do.” When sociopathic capitalists are allowed to basically do whatever they want, the rest of us are screwed. That’s because sociopaths have no empathy and they usually manage to fight their way to the top of every pyramid……both government and private. Once they’re at the top, they do what nearly all sociopathic narcissists do……they rape and plunder because they don’t care who is ruined or economically abused in the process. SOCIOPATHS CAN NOT FEEL ANYONE’S PAIN. To them, “Greed Is Good. ”

Back during the 80s and 90s when government oversight and taxes were demonized and diminished, American business was able do what it does best– cut costs and maximize profits. But there was a problem……the most ruthless of all sociopaths immediately clawed their way to the top and gutted every industry they could. Reagan and Thatcher were political geniuses but they weren’t business savvy. It never really occurred to them that so many unconscionable morons would make it to the top of so many pyramids because they were both moral leaders who assumed the best about human nature. In his new book, The Impulse Society, Paul Roberts explains all this stuff brilliantly. But permit me to call your attention to a couple of blatant examples that occurred once government oversight was gutted and profits replaced core values.

Remember the bond trader Carl Icahn? He was the guy who raided TWA, directed them to borrow half a billion dollars ( most of which he paid himself ) then ruined them by selling off their best assets? How about real estate mogul Victor Posner……remember him? He was the guy who would drain company pension funds after he took them over in order to bankroll his lifestyle of yachting and horses. I could name another 50 such GOOFS, but I’m sure you understand where I’m going with all this. We all remember Enron…..I hope. George W. Had a nickname for his good buddy GOOF who ran that pyramid scam……Turd Blossom.

Well I say ….OUT WITH THE GOOFS! I’ve associated with some of the most successful men and women on all three continents for the past 28 years. I’ve been blessed to become friends with some of the greatest men and women in business, science, technology and government. And  without hesitation I can tell you that the bravest and most exciting human beings on this planet are those I’ve met in the field of network marketing. It’s time to start acting like it.

Hold your head up high if you’re a network marketer. Dare to challenge anyone who disparages our wonderful profession. Recruit as many people as you can into this marvelous last bastion of capitalism. In the near future you will be informed about our new initiative…One Networker At Time… which we will outline a specific strategy for additional steps we, in our profession, can take toward capitalist reformation. Trust me, the furthest thing from the minds of those who first created the American Dream was that one day a tiny band of global oligarchs would control half the world’s wealth.

We must help usher in a new era. One of my favorite statement is expressed eloquently by Miya Yoshitani, executive director of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network ; “This is the ultimate fight for a new economy, a new energy system, a new democracy, and a new relationship to each other dedicated to human rights, land and water equality and respect for all Indigenous people. ”

The journey of 1000 miles begins with only one step… And this is one we can all take. In the mean time, watch very closely for whom you vote during the next 8 years. Forget about political labels and vote for only those men and women who share our values of entrepreneurialism, integrity and ethics. The time is now.

And Speaking of ponzie schemes, the largest in the world is the  $ USD $. The pyramid that is the United States Petro Dollar and World Reserve Currency is collapsing. Follow me to your freedom, and that freedom is in GOLD. learn more at