How to create STRONG passwords.

1. Choose a word that is uncommon, like a slang word or nickname.
   EXAMPLE: snooky
2. Substitute at least ONE lowercase letter with an uppercase letter.
   EXAMPLE: sNooky
3. Substitute at lease ONE letter with a numeral.
   EXAMPLE: sNo0ky
4. Substitute at least ONE letter/numeral for a SPECIAL character.
   EXAMPLE: $No0ky
5. THEN, create your strong password by typing your password you have created (so far) TWICE, and include a SPACE between it.
   EXAMPLE: $No0ky $No0ky
6. The last step is to PAD the end of your password with SPECIAL characters.
EXAMPLE: $No0ky $No0ky()()
7. Your newly created password is now
EXAMPLE: $No0ky $No0ky()()

This process should insure that you have created a STRONG password that will be hard to guess and take quite a long time for a password crack algorithm to compromise. A great website to help you with this is:

My suggestion would be to create a DIFFERENT password for each account that requires one… especially BANKING / INVESTMENT / FINANCIAL and or EMAIL accounts! NEVER USE ONE PASSWORD FOR ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS!