What Is The Fastest Growing Company In The World?

This Graph Represents How Long It Took The Following Companies To reach 1 Billion Dollars In Revenue

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OneCoin is the first company in history to achieve one Billion in sales their first year.  

  • They have no debt.
  • Their product grew over 1000% last year.
  • They pay a 10% referral fee to their customers.

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Founder of OneCoin
​Dr. Ruja Ignatova, the founder and owner of OneCoin has an exceptional resume.
A brief biography of Dr. Ruja has been posted on “The Economist” website and can be downloaded from http://onecoinpartners.com/research

Some of the highlights of Dr. Ruja’s achievements:

  1. Holds a Ph.D. in Corporate Law from Oxford University and a Masters Degree in Economics from Konstanz University in Germany.
  2. She has written 3 best-selling Books on cryptocurrency, which have been translated in Chinese and German.
  3. Dr. Ignatova is a former associate partner with McKinsey & Company, working on projects within corporate banking, private equity, asset management, risk management operations and liquidity risk. While at McKinsey & Company, Dr. Ignatova worked for clients such as Sberbank, UniCredit, Allianz and Raiffeisen Bank.