Ford revamps strategy and product line for 2014

The automotive industry has historically been one of the main engines of the U.S. economy, having weathered all of the many economic curve balls thrown over the past century to maintain its role as the nation's premier manufacturing sector. Leading the way for the past several decades has been Ford Motor Company. This was the only major Detroit-based car company to be spared the prospect of bankruptcy competitors General Motors and Chrysler Motor Group had to undergo a few years ago.. While those entities were infused with millions of tax dollars to help them stay afloat – controversial intervention that essentially turned these companies into government-owned properties – Ford maintained its profitability throughout the Great Recession, proving the value of wise leadership in a capitalist economy.

At this year's North American International Auto Show, which runs throughout the week, Ford unveiled a redesign of their flagship model, the F-150 pickup truck. For 37 straight years, this has been the best-selling full-sized pickup in the country, and has even, for many stretches of time, outsold every other vehicle on the market over the course of its almost half-century production run. While automotive buffs are rejoicing the dawn of a new era for the nation's flagship ride, industry analysts are pleased that it seems a self-directed, American company will continue dominance over one of our most important industries and not lose favor to a foreign manufacturer.

If you believe in the American dream and success stories like Ford, then you are probably hoping to some day enjoy the retirement that we are led to believe years of hard work affords us. However, you need to be careful about wealth preservation – especially when the rules of capitalism are constantly being eroded by those in charge.