GET READY: Obama To Implement The New American Currency Called The ‘Amero’.

The United States Congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown that was slated to take effect at midnight. The House approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill that keeps the government open through September 2015.

The current US national debt is $18,011,030,901,177. The clock that shows the US debt in real time, was moving up so quickly that by the time you read this, this number will have drastically increased.

In 2008, the United States government began printing a new currency called the ‘Amero’. The North American Monetary Union is a economic and monetary union of three North American countries: Canada, the United States and Mexico. It was reported that in 2008 the US Secretary of Treasury informed the China Development Bank that the US had shipped $800 billion of the new currency to their country  in exchange for $400 billion of this debt.

Lou Dobbs, a former commentator for CNN, had claimed in the past that a “North American Union” was being implemented, without the knowledge and consent of the majority of the people who would be affected by this. The union, he and others claim, included this common currency the ‘Amero.’

However, it’s not so secret anymore. With this soon to be formed single North American Union, dollars and pesos will be replaced with this new North American currency. This new “superstate” would erase the current borders, allowing each country to freely travel back and forth between countries without question.

Some that are in favor of the ‘Amero’ say this will be good for America, bringing back jobs to the country. Corporations would no longer have to send manufacturing jobs to Mexico for the cheap labor.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 7.31.31 PMOthers say the government is planning to use this as a form of control. When the money is switched, this will bring a world crisis, starting in the USA, then moving to the rest of the world. Our debt is so large, that the rest of the world will have to accept pennies on the dollar for the money that we owe because the value of the dollar has dropped so drastically. And we, the US citizens, will have to accept pennies on the dollar for the money we have held in the US banking system. Experts say this may cause massive upheaval in the US, forcing the White House to declare martial law. Get ready, it’s coming.

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