Investing 101

Below are links to investing 101.

This is designed to give you a general breakdown of what investing is, types of investments, as well portfolios and diversification. This is how most financial advisers approach things and my readers know I disagree with a lot of the fundamentals. However, this is a education worth digging into. It will give you a great understanding of terms and what they are talking about.

If this helps just one person it has done its job.

  1. Investing 101: Introduction
  2. Investing 101: What Is Investing?
  3. Investing 101: The Concept Of Compounding
  4. Investing 101: Knowing Yourself
  5. Investing 101: Preparing For Contradictions
  6. Investing 101: Types Of Investments
  7. Investing 101: Portfolios And Diversification
  8. Investing 101: Conclusion