IRS debacle evolves as knowledge timeline is established

President Barack Obama's trio of scandals keeps on developing, as new insights into the IRS debacle continue to come to light. A senior White House official allegedly told media sources this weekend that the administration's chief legal counsel was informed by the IRS that an investigation was being conducted as far back as April 2012. This seems to contradict testimony from White House spokespersons and the president himself, the latter of whom stated that he only learned about the findings from news reports.

According to the Washington Post, this revelation led to the assertion by White House press secretary Jay Carney that only certain individuals in the White House knew about an inspector general report into the scandal and that no details were shared with the president during that time.

"My understanding is that the White House Counsel's Office was alerted in the week of April 22nd of this year, only about the fact that the [inspector general] was finishing a review about matters involving the office in Cincinnati," Carney said at a recent press conference. "But that's all they were informed as a normal sort of heads up."

It's not entirely certain if these claims will deepen the scandal. Over the weekend, administration officials took to the airwaves to state clearly that the White House was mostly in the dark when it came to the investigation, preferring to wait until the report was complete.

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