IRS scandal deepens as revelations continue to mount

Just when you thought the ongoing scandal surrounding the Obama administration and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was beginning to die down – largely due to concurrent issues like the Department of Justice's purported subpoena of phone records and the State Department's so-called "scrubbing" of Benghazi talking points – the situation changes for the worst. According to new revelations reported by both the conservative and liberal media, it appears that the IRS knew that alleged targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status was taking place but may have chosen not to disclose an investigation into the matter until the 2012 presidential election had concluded.

NBC broke the story on May 17, reporting that despite Congressional oversight regarding the controversy in 2012, the IRS decided to withhold the facts until much later. While the reason for doing so remains unclear, pundits from both ends of the political spectrum have sprung on the idea as proof that the Obama administration has placed politics over governance.

The scandal has evolved rapidly in the past week, with not one but now two IRS officials being shown the door as a result of their actions. Following acting commissioner Steve Miller's premature exit, Joseph Grant, who heads the office responsible for tax-exempt status approval, is retiring early, according to The Hill.

Yet one figure remains in the IRS who could be implicated in the future for the targeting probe. Sarah Hal Ingram, who ran the tax-emption bureau between 2009 and 2012, is now the top official of the IRS office responsible for implementing some of the Affordable Care Act.

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