Is Obama seeking an open-ended conflict?

One of the most frightening possibilities surrounding the looming Syrian civil war intervention by the U.S. armed forces is the potential for a difficult, open-ended conflict without a clear goal. The Obama administration appears to be willfully promoting such an outcome, based on the initial "proposal" for military force in yet another Middle Eastern nation.

According to the Washington Post, the White House is looking for permission to use force to send a message to the Assad regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons against a civilian population, but the issue lies in the fact that Obama is not actively looking for a set date for an end to operations. Ostensibly, this is to give him and defense officials flexibility in determining whether or not to continue or stop launching strikes after the initial wave takes place.

However, this is precisely the sort of policymaking that has gotten the United States into trouble in its decade of foreign invasions, as shown by the Second Gulf War, which took nearly a decade to untangle from and, by some signs, hasn't fully ended. One retired U.S. general, interviewed by The Telegraph, a British new source, said that he had spoken with several senior Republican senators who told him that Obama was actively seeking permission to wage an expansive war.

"What he has told the two senators is that he also intends to assist the opposition forces, so he is going to degrade Assad's military capacity and he is going to assist and upgrade the opposition forces with training assistance," General Jack Keane, a one-time vice chief of staff, said.

For now, opponents of yet another warrantless foreign invasion will have to wait and see if cooler heads prevail. Independent-minded folks hoping to secure their financial futures in preparation of either retirement or the future in general should explore our website further today.