Is President Obama losing control of the fiscal cliff?

In recent days, Americans have seen the nation's two major political parties have it over the upcoming fiscal cliff, which for the uninformed is a mix of tax hikes and spending cuts that are expected to deal a $600 billion blow to the U.S. economy over the next 10 years. While some had hoped for a speedy resolution following the November 6 presidential election, it seems the two parties are farther apart than ever regarding their ideological differences. Now, according to media reports, President Barack Obama is reaching out for solutions in a bid to keep the negotiations from falling apart.

On December 5, President Obama will have a sit-down meeting with the leaders of the U.S. Business Roundtable, a national working group of corporate CEOs who have largely supported the goals of the Republican party and rarely make a secret of their dislike of Democratic policy.

An unnamed government official spoke with Reuters about the upcoming address, stating that President Obama would seek assistance from the organization about the glaring divide between his party and the GOP.

"The President will highlight why it would hurt our economy and our nation's businesses if we do not find a solution to avoid another debt ceiling crisis, and will ask the business leaders for their help in supporting an approach that resolves the debt limit without drama or delay," the anonymous source was quoted as saying.

Based on their past reluctance to embrace his agenda, the Business Roundtable could rebuff his entreaties. If so, the ongoing talks between the two parties could become more acrimonious, especially in the wake of U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's request for big tax increases and authorization for the executive branch to institute debt ceiling increases without Congressional Approval.

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