Projected GDP Rankings for the World (2015-2020) # 1 will surprise you

This ranking is based on projection by IMF outlook April 2015. In 2015, Top ten countries in nominal terms will be : United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, India, Brazil, Italy, and Canada. In ppp terms, Top ten countries will be : China, United States, India, Japan, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and France. In top 10, Eight countries are common in both method. Others two are Italy and Canada is in top 10 on nominal bisis, while Russia and Indonesia is in top 10 on ppp basis. Top ten economies will share 64.62 percent and 60.94 percent of total global wealth in nominal and ppp terms, respectively.

In both methods, United States and China occupied first two place. US is the largest economy of world on nominal basis where as China is largest on ppp basis. US is ahead of China by $6913 billion in 2015. This margin will come down to $6332 in 2020. China will remain the world’s largest economy on ppp basis.

Japan is at third place in nominal and at 4th in ppp ranking. Germany is at 4th in nominal and at 5th in ppp. United Kingdom is at 5th in nominal and 9th in ppp. Ranking of these three will be same in 2020 as of 2015.

India is at 3rd in ppp and 7th in nominal ranking. By 2020, India will be at 6th position ahead of France with GDP (Nominal) of $3640 billion. on ppp basis, India will remain at 3rd place. Russia will be at 10th position by displacing Canada from 10th in 2015 to 11th in 2020.

Contribution of top 10 countries in global wealth will increased in both calculation. In nominal calculation, top ten countries will contribute 65.92 percent in 2020 compare to 64.62 percent in 2015. In ppp calculation, contribution will be 61.54 percent in 2020 compare to 60.94 percent in 2015. See the rankings here