Run on Banks Looking Possible With Ebola and ISIL

Will the government really protect our money if crisis hits the U.S. banking system?

Retired Harvard Professor Terry Burnham doesn’t think so. He just withdrew 99% of his retirement savings from one of America’s biggest banks.

And recently, big banks and the folks who work there have been quietly taking their personal money out of the system too. (We’ve counted 4,000 banks who have been doing this.)

Instead, they’re putting their money in a little-known account that actually flourished during the Great Depression—at a time when over 9,000 banks failed.

Here, money grows tax-free. You can take it out tax-free… and it offers a yield nearly 10 times higher than your average CD or account. I’ve already hidden about 20% of my family’s money here.

I guarantee you’ve never heard of this idea before. Only 1 in 1,500 Americans know about this (legal) account.

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