3 Reasons Why

CryptoCurrency or Digital Currency

Is The Future Of Money

  1. 40% of the world is “Unbanked”. What this means is that almost 1/2 of the world does not have access to banking. People can not get loans and economic safety does not exist. This is one reason the banking cartel is always funding wars.
  2. Remittances. When you use a credit card at a merchant; the merchant is charged sometimes as much as 7%.  Merchants hate paying these credit card fees and would much rather conduct business on a level playing field.
  3. Protect your income and wealth. Most currencies are weak and deflating, The US Dollar has lost over 98% of it’s buying power. See the Image Below

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Founder of OneCoin
​Dr. Ruja Ignatova, the founder and owner of OneCoin has an exceptional resume.
A brief biography of Dr. Ruja has been posted on “The Economist” website and can be downloaded from http://onecoinpartners.com/research

Some of the highlights of Dr. Ruja’s achievements:

  1. Holds a Ph.D. in Corporate Law from Oxford University and a Masters Degree in Economics from Konstanz University in Germany.
  2. She has written 3 best-selling Books on cryptocurrency, which have been translated in Chinese and German.
  3. Dr. Ignatova is a former associate partner with McKinsey & Company, working on projects within corporate banking, private equity, asset management, risk management operations and liquidity risk. While at McKinsey & Company, Dr. Ignatova worked for clients such as Sberbank, UniCredit, Allianz and Raiffeisen Bank.

Read The Executive Summary:

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OneCoin is the first company in history to achieve one Billion in sales their first year.
They have no debt.
Their product grew over 1000% last year.
They pay a 10% referral fee to their customers.

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Market Summary:

The fiat system of worthless currency is dying world wide. Bail-ins and Bail-outs in Europe, The creation of the BRICS Banking System to undermine the US Federal Reserve System and most importantly the worlds backing away from the US Dollar also known as the Petro Dollar.  Your money is not safe in traditional banks!  Now is the time to learn about the 7th disruptive technology, CRYPTOCURRENCY.  Wouldn’t you have liked to be in the know before these became mainstream! The last 6 disruptive technologies were:

  1. Television
  2. Internet
  3. Email
  4. Mobile phones
  5. E-commerce
  6. Social Media
  7. CryptoCurrency