Set a Goal NOT a Resolution for the New Year

As the New Year has begun and we set New Year’s resolutions it would be wise to reconsider that and look at setting goals instead. Experts in productivity promote goal setting as a way to become more focused and productive than a resolution. As a management consultant and coach I do endorse goals setting as well.

However for all its intended benefits goal setting can also be a determent to our health and well-being. We can easily become obsessed with achieving our goal and do things that can negatively affect ourselves, our relationships and cause stress.

Focus on a must goal

One thing to avoid is setting too many goals. Leadership and personal development expert Steven Covey suggests setting one highly important or must goal rather than several important goals. Goals need to be planned and broken down into steps or sub-goals. So along the way to achieving your must goal you will automatically achieve the sub-goals.

Let’s take a goal to lose 20 lbs of body weight over the next 6 months as an example. Some of the sub-goals might be consult a dietician, eliminate or reduce sugar intake and be regular at doing cardiovascular exercise three times a week. Each sub-goal might have its own sub-goals or action steps.

Focusing on achieving the weight-loss goal would create many benefits, such as illness prevention, better health, more energy, more positive outlook, improved relationships, greater self-confidence etc.. It would affect a variety of life’s dimensions without having to set a goal in each of those dimensions. That is why when setting a goal it needs to be written down and the benefits for achieving the goal listed.

A  must goal for inner contentment

A highly important goal that I suggest to go along with any must goal you set is one for inner contentment and fulfillment.  After all we were given this life to become self-actualized and we have the potential to feel joy and contentment every day. So a goal to be able to tap into the well of peace and happiness inside ourselves is a must for every human being.

As we grow and develop we learn that having material things and even great relationships is temporary and we cannot base our source of happiness and contentment on these external things. Also, making this a priority in our lives will help us set other must goals that are congruent with fostering a feeling of peace inside and not a detriment.

There are many ways people find to discover inner peace and contentment, from religion to mediation or simply spending quiet time alone. Whatever your practice, make that a priority goal in your life and enjoy the benefits.

One of the best books I have read that helps you tackle those things that count and focus on your goals is Eat That Frog. Click here for a copy. BT_Eat_Frogl