How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Many of you may have noticed that I have been doing a ton of travel the last 9 Months. In February I went to Maui, in June I went to visit family in Iowa, in July I went skiing on Mt Hood in Oregon, in August I went to Sula in Montana for hiking and fly fishing, and just last week my wife and I went to Las Vegas for 4 days just to dance and have fun. While all of these trips have been a blast I have learned a few things about traveling. You loose your routine and can actually get more stressed out from the vacation itself.  Here are a few tips I have recently picked up that have helped me maintain my sanity.

Sleep Well: Your first step for feeling like a better you — both during and after your vacation — is to get plenty of restorative sleep.

Eat Well: Good food is another essential ingredient to maintaining your healthy lifestyle on vacation. Eating out every meal need not be a pitfall, when you select menu items that nourish you from the inside out. Another option is to use meal supplements from Isagenix. Here is a video from a friend of mine who has also personally trained me.

Move Well: The body craves consistency. To feel your best for each memorable vacation moment, have fun working out in your new setting. You can elevate your energy level on the treadmill, tone up with strength machines or grab a mat to stretch and let go of stress

Feel Well: Treat yourself to a spa experience and I love to stay at Westin Resorts and Properties