Watch the Stock Market Carefully

It looks as if there are some bad things on the horizon.  The death cross just appeared meaning the 50 day moving average went below the 200 day moving average, a general sign of a bear market. Plus support has been at 17,170 and if the market falls below that support we could be looking at a big downturn. Also keep in mind that right now more than half the stocks in the S&P 500 are now considered to be in correction territory. The major averages just aren’t telling this story. Yes, the S&P is up a little more than 1% this year. But to the average investor there’s not much to celebrate. Most folks’ stocks are going one of two places: nowhere or down. I find the best course of action is to work with Wealth Generators and let them pick the winners for you.  They show you exactly how to play the long and short the up and down and even options and forex. Sign up for their hand holding system that will help you win in any market up or down.

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