What’s All the Rage about Little Pieces of Gold?

For the portion of your precious metals stash that you intend to keep locked away for long-term wealth preservation, I am personally a fan of low-premium bullion bars and 1-ounce rounds. They are the most practical and cost-effective ways of investing in physical gold and silver. But hard to move and really hard to use in emergency situations because they are worth so much.

So what can you do; so that you can actually be able to use “Real Money” in emergencies, for barter and trade, or for gift giving?

In these and other situations, smaller-sized units of metal may be more practical. And they are becoming quite popular as the economy shows signs of unraveling.Learn more and open your personal “Gold Savings Account” exchanging your dollars for gold at just 1 oz at a time. Extremely affordable for anyone! Visit DitchTheDollar.com to set up your free account and start accumulating gold discretely.