Why is Gold So Important? The Answer May Surprise You

Buying gold for its investment merits is like buying a car because it’s a great place to listen to music.  Cars are not useful because they play music, and gold is not useful because it’s an investment.
Gold is useful because it’s governmental insurance.

Government is, quite simply, overrun by stupidity. People who run for office are never the best and the brightest. They are the narcissists who think they have the answers, who like attention from the public, and who need a way to make an easy living since there are not enough circuses and rodeos in need of clowns. These people make big-dollar financial decisions that impact us and the world … and the vast majority haven’t the skill set or the training to do so.

They’ve built up too much debt in the world. That debt, in turn, impacts the ability of central bankers —many of whom are smart — to do their jobs properly. They’re left to manipulate monetary policy and markets in order to save the world from what politicians have created.

This won’t go on forever. At some point, a crisis must happen to relieve the pressures that have built up. And in every crisis throughout history, gold has played a role.

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It will do so again. Even a 21st century financial system is not so different that gold’s role as currency insurance of last resort will be diminished. In the right moment — in a debt-fueled currency crisis — gold will shine just as bright as it always has in moments of total global chaos.​