Will You Be Ready For IMF The October Surprise?
On or around October 20th of this year, the International Monetary Fund is expected to make an announcement that could throw the financial markets into turmoil and trigger a transfer of wealth that pales in comparison to anything the past three or more decades.

The approximate date and nature of the announcement was revealed recently by someone with access to the IMF’s meeting schedule.

Twice a decade, the executive board of the IMF meets to reassess the world’s major reserve currencies…and the IMF control the world’s reserve currencies…

And during the week of October 19,2015, it is believed that the IMF will reveal to the world a NEW reserve currency…

The announcement will trigger a chain reaction throughout the financial markets and billions and trillions of dollars will begin moving around the globe – some assets will crash and burn and some with scream to the moon.

Seldom do opportunities come along with the potential of being a worldwide transformable market event.

So…read the attached PDF and stand by for more information.

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